Fire Suppression System

Clean Agent Fire Suppression system are an ideal replacement to sprinkler system to protect any valuable assets that could be damage by water. Clean Agent Fire Suppression system are more efffective way to control fire by protecting asset. The most three common clean agents in the market nowadays are Inert Gas, Novec 1230 & FM 200.

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Foam Suppression System

Fire Fighting FOAM is foam used for fire suppression system its role is to cool the fire & coat the fuel, preventing its contact with Oxygen resulting in suppression of the combustion. There are two types foam used in foam suppression system - Low expansion & high Expansion.
For maximum effectiveness the expansion ratio, discharge device & foam concentrate must be correct with besy of our knowlwdge and expertise, we can reccommend the most appropiate device for clients depends upon the classification of hazards.

Lightning protection system (LPS)

Lightning is a natural flow of static electricity between the sky and the ground. It strikes buildings, structures, trees, livestock and persons in all parts of the world. Although it rarely occurs in some areas, it is a severely destructive hazard whose destructive force is beyond human scale.

An effective earthing system is a fundamental requirement of any modern structure or system for operational and/ or safety reasons. Without such a system. The safety of a structure, the equipment contained within it and its occupants is compromised. In order to preserve resources and human lives a reliable lightning protection system must be set in place and must be taken into account during the planning stage of any project.

A reliable lightning protection system intercepts lightning strikes and attempts to guide the static electic flow down a chosen path, slightly away from the people, structures and electrical equipment. It provides means to carry electric currents into the earth under normal and fault conditions without exceeding any operating and equipment limits or adversely affecting continuity of service and assure that a person in the vicinity of grounded facilities is not exposed to the danger of critical electric shock.

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