What is Fire?

Fire is the visible effect of the process of the combustion – a special type of chemical reaction. It occurs between oxygen in the air and some sort of fuel. Fuel must be heated to its ignition temperature for combustion to occur. The reaction will keep going as long as there is enough heat, fuel and oxygen widely known as fire triangle. Fail to control it leading to major catastrophic damage to building structure and even loss of lives.

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With an eye to the future, “Microtech Engineering Limited” (Former Tool Master Fire Solutions) is heavily involved in fire safety arena since 2014. To ensure total fire safety solution indeed we import, sale, install, provide after sell service of related items having advance technology and intelligence in nature. We strive to provide a reliable, efficient, intelligent and superior service to our clients in the field of fire fighting, no matter how near or far, small or large. Most of our products carry third party approvals from some of the world’s leading certification companies like UL, FM, LPCB, Intertek, AENOR, VDS, CPRI, and SHRIRAM etc.


Our mission is to be a trusted supplier and as well as to contribute best quality service to satisfy the needs of our customer.


Our vision is to do and build a safe secured environment for our client.
Our vision is to harness our knowledge and energy to provide goods and services that are necessary for life, health and growth.


We have “NFPA” based design software for fire Hydrant and fire sprinkler system and also an excellent professional designer team.We offer quality products at competitive prices and we have after sales services; we have a dedicated team to achieve a very high standard of satisfaction. Moreover, our consultancy based on BNBC, NFPA and others international rules and regulations.